Al Martin

Retired Engineer

Al holds a BEE degree from Cornell University, and a PhD from UCLA.  Al joined Raychem in 1975 and held a number of positions with Raychem [which became TE Connectivity], until retiring in 2013.  Al has been a contributing member of ATIS NIPP- NEP, ATIS PEG, ITU-T, the IEEE EMC Society, the IEEE Power and Energy Society, the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society, and TIA TR41.  He has been an editor for TIA TR41, ATIS NIPP-NEP, and IEEE standards, past Chairman of SAE AE-4C Committee on Interconnect Components, past member of the SAE AE-4 Executive Board, and past National Secretary of SAE AE-4 Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility.  He is presently chairman of IEEE PES SPDC WG3.6.7 [Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Networks, including Smart Grid Data Networks], and vice-chairman of WG3.6.2 [Solid State Surge Protective Device Components]. He serves as secretary of the Telecom Advisory Committee of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society. He is the author or co-author of over 45 papers and presentations on EMC and telecommunications, including 11 ATIS PEG presentations.  Al is a Life Senior member of the IEEE and the IEEE SA.
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