Protecting the Telecom Infrastructure through Innovations

April 25 | 11:15 AM - 11:35 AM

  • Jeff Regan - Strategic Account Specialist, Harger Lightning & Grounding

What impacts our market today, tomorrow and beyond?  High cost of raw materials, low inventory, crime and theft of copper and related alloys. New product development offers solutions to reduce the cost of copper theft while providing innovative ways to make grounding & bonding installations easier and more cost efficient.    This presentation will show and explain new product developments that will reduce copper theft, increase safety for installers of grounding materials that is also cost effective. People and businesses today are much more productive due to cell phones debit cards, self-driving autos, computers and so much more – all due to innovations.  Our industry needs grounding, bonding & lightning protection thru innovations that work for installers/contractors, end users and you!   Thru new product Development and innovations, this presentation is geared towards making the telecom industry more reliable and customers happy.

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