Single Twisted Pair Ethernet and Powering to 1 km and More

Feb. 24 | 12:40 - 12:55 PM

Automotive single twisted pair Ethernet was standardised in 2015 with IEEE Std 802.3bw, which delivered 100BASE-T1 over 15 m. In 2016, IEEE Std 802.3bp increased the data rate to 1000BASE-T1 over 15 m or 40 m and IEEE Std 802.3bu allowed up to 50 W of delivered power using power over data line (PoDL). The 2019 IEEE Std 802.3cg set a 10BASE-T data rate and PoDL provision for two segment lengths, short reach 10BASE-T1S, 15-25m, 24-26 AWG twisted pair and long reach 10BASE-T1L, 1 km, 18 AWG twisted pair. 10BASE-T1L was developed to replace and enhance the many of the industrial control system implementations that exist today.

This presentation overviews multi-twisted pair Ethernet and power over Ethernet (PoE) before reviewing industrial single twisted pair Ethernet (SPE or 10BASE-T1L) in terms of reach, power delivered, wire diameter, transient voltages and possible protection schemes.


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