Trends in Lightning Protection

Feb. 17 | 1:30 - 1:45 pm

The objective of this interactive session is to enable participants to update their knowledge of lightning protection system trends and technology. The session will also include an update on recent NFPA 780 standard revisions.  Participants will also expand their understanding of LP system design considerations to mitigate aesthetic impact, preserve design integrity and maximize the safety of building occupants and stakeholders.  The session will conclude with a brief review of common construction practices and the value associated with independent evaluation of the installed Lightning Protection System.

Attendee Outcomes:

  • Understand global market trends in lightning protection
  • Understand key types and critical elements of a Lightning Protection System
  • Gain knowledge of recent revisions to Lightning Protection Standards
  • Implementing lightning protection early in design process reduces cost, improves protection while maintaining design integrity
  • Understand common installation practices and validation methodologies

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