Lee Herron

Director Specification Engineering

Mr. Lee Herron began his electrical career holding a flashlight for his Grandfather and Father who helped friends and neighbors with their wiring issues when they were not at their full-time electrical jobs, often in attics and crawl spaces and the fun of electricity was imprinted.  After building two-way radio towers in high school and a stint as a Co-op at Alabama Power he received his BSEE in 1979, and an MBA in 1999 and has been in the connector manufacturing business for over 40 years. He has served on many NEMA committees and CANENA for decades, working to harmonize the North American connector and grounding standards and is past Chairman of the NEMA Connector Section 8CC.   He is the alternate NEMA representative to the Grounding Subcommittee for the NESC – SC2.      Mr. Herron is the past Vice President of Engineering for BURNDY worldwide and has presented connection theory seminars throughout the world.  He is a Senior member of IEEE and has been awarded several US patents. Lee is active in ATIS STEP, NEP and NPS and is presently the Director of Grounding Solutions for BURNDY part of Hubbell Construction and Energy Group.
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