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CITEL is an international group established in 1937, specializing in Surge Voltage Protection (Protection against destructive overvoltages and transients originating from Lightning strikes or electrical disturbances).

CITEL manufactures two types of products: Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and Surge Protection Devices (SPD). For many years, CITEL has diversified its range to provide surge protection devices (modules) adapted to the increasing sensitivity of electronic equipment. By adding secondary components to gas tubes, CITEL has designed a full range of products to protect AC Power, DC Power, Telco, Data Signal and RF Coaxial line applications. CITEL provides transient protection for all applications within a customer’s facility or remote site.

For Solar Photovoltaic applications, CITEL’s SPDs protect at the AC main distribution panel, inverter, charge controller and PV combiner box against transient over voltages originating from the AC utility power grid, industrial switching machinery and lightning strikes.

By manufacturing all its own components as wells as end products, CITEL can provide complete solutions across all applications.

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