Welcome to ATIS PEG

What is ATIS PEG?
The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) delivers standards and solutions to advance ICT industry transformation. At its core, ATIS supports a competitive, interoperable market. At ATIS, our work creates the critical common base upon which ATIS members can further their own innovation.

So, now that you know what ATIS is, what is a PEG?
Protection Engineers Group (PEG) provides annual training in the form of the PEG Conference. The conference brings together an international group of electrical protection engineers who specialize in network reliability through standardized grounding and bonding practices, surge protection, back up power systems and more.

Every conference includes updates on the latest on codes and standards including the IEEE (NESC), NFPA (NEC),and the IEC to name a few.

Watch this BLOG for information related to electrical protection standards and field studies/repairs to further your knowledge for protecting your facilities from power and lightning damage and unexpected power outages.

Daniel Ashton
Senior Operations Engineer
Critical Infrastructure Technical Support
Lumen Technology