Thoughts for the Upcoming ATIS/PEG 2021 Virtual Conference

For all of us who are involved with Electrical Protection and Engineering and striving to always improve Network Reliability and Survivability, our yearly conference is the fountain that reaffirms what we do, helps our continuing education and strengthens our relationships among all the professionals attending the conference.

And while we were organizing our 2020 conference that was to take place in March at the facilities of North Carolina State University, the pandemic struck and everything was cancelled. But this cancellation did not stop ATIS/PEG. In April of 2020 the PEG Advisory Board began meeting monthly and making plans for 2021, and for the first time in our conference’s history we were planning a Virtual Conference. How quickly all of us have adapted to the new normal.

Yes, it will be very hard. It feels strange NOT to meet in person and to have the interactions that we were used to. But looking at the bright side, I would like to share some of the Virtual Conference benefits:

  • No traveling expenses
  • No Hotel expenses
  • Very reasonable registration fee
  • No argument or pleading with the boss to get approval
  • You can participate from the comfort of your home or whatever you are while staying comfortable and safe

So, based on all the above I believe this will be one of the best and most attended ATIS/PEG conference.

There is NO excuse to miss the opportunity to learn.


Jim Pelegris
PEG Advisory Board Member and Secretary